Thursday, June 26, 2014

Is it a Sign...

The day the actual day that I clicked publish on my comeback post the shingles invaded me! 
That illness is not for the weak and its still not gone!
Surely its not a sign that I shouldn't blog anymore?

I am in the middle of a project a BIG project! 
I am painting my kitchen cabinets!
It is a HUGE process...
Take down
All the while letting it dry completely 
Hang everything back up
Start again on the next section. 
I am using Intellectual Gray from Sherwin Williams 
I will for sure post before and afters when I am finished. 
Having my kitchen always a mess is starting to get to me so I really need to wrap this project up.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I am loving Zumba and Barre right now! 
Here is a video of one of my favorite teachers from the studio....

I mean its so fun and its crazy how many calories you burn! 
I am obsessed with teacher she is the best!!! 

I have to show so some love for the Vanderbilt Baseball team! They won the college World Series! 
Im always rooting for the home team! 
During my blogging vacation I got a new car! 
Its a ford Explorer and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! 
By far my most favorite car I have ever had! 

So there you have it my randomness for the day-

Monday, June 16, 2014


I mean I can't even start with a witty comment because I dont think ANYONE has been to this blog in over a year (except for the random spammer). I'm planning a comeback I think!

 I googled Two Rivers Ford for the phone number and my blog came up in the search (so random, I know). Anyways it had me looking over old post and it made me miss it. Weather or not anyone reads it its like my own little piece of the internet that is my journal!

So much has happened, changed, house projects, friends, family... I love getting the random emails from old readers asking me how my house is or what projects have I done!

SO IT'S OFFICIAL I AM BACK! My post may not always be long or have pictures but I will be here! I never left instagram  so you can follow me there as well!

Whose with me?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Hey Shorty, Its my birthday....

I am embracing my birthday this year! 
I am on vacation and just whooping it up - sort of... LOL 

Let me stop here and say that I am all about a crowd but MAN OH MAN look at the beach in Rio when then Pope visited there....

I mean that gives me anxiety just looking at! 

Anyways I am off to celebrate the day! 
Happy Birthday to Me! 

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Here we are in mid July! 
Did I not just take my Christmas tree down?
Time is FLYING by!

Any who I am sitting here in front of my TV listening to the news hash out the Zimmerman trial! 
I am obsessed and cant turn it off. I swear I think I missed my calling as a lawyer !
So while I sit here I will upload some summer pictures....

I am weird and I think that the local news people are famous so when I see one out amongst the masses I have to get a picture! 

We celebrated Ryan's birthday...


Atypical Family picture...

Are we the only family that balances the camera on something to get us all in the picture?

Happy 4th...

So HUMID....

I took 300 fireworks pictures and this one is my FAVE! 

Straight from my garden! 

Another peak into our new office...

Love that I can fly the RED, WHITE and BLUE outside of my house! 

I had a lunch date with the sweet Lilly yesterday! 
I miss that sweet girl since I moved! 
I wont lie the cow kinda freaked me out but I had to take one for the team :) 

Seriously loving my garden! 
We joke that my Pap-Paw is smiling down on my garden skills. 

Ok well I am going to try and tear myself away from the trial to get somethings done....Lets be honest I will just turn the TV up so that I can hear it all throughout the house :) 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Birthday....

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to the best little brother EVER! 

I LOVE you little brother! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ellie Mae

Im sharing a project! 

Here is the before...

This bad boy literally came from a side of the road sale, sorta...
You see on Saturdays my brother is out and about working early and I am sleeping late, drinking coffee and probably watching The Pioneer Woman.
So if he sees a sale and thinks there is something that I will want he immediately calls me, drives away and then waits for me to call him and BEG him to come back, load something up in his truck and then he lets me beg to borrow cash because I NEVER have cash! 
He is a good brother :) 
He has found me an AMAZING bench, a mirror that literally probably cost $500 that I got for $20 and now this hutch. 

So let me tell you about this hutch! 
There was a huge sign taped to a truck that said "Moving Sale" but the catch was there was no house where this sign was it was an old tattoo parlor? 
I was for sure intrigued. 
I walked up there and there was tons of stuff outside and I told myself that I was not going inside that building! 
Well I went in....
There was no power  in there but there sat my hutch! 
I bought it, Ryan came back and loaded it up and home it came.
This bad boy smelled so bad. 
I was literally gagging taking off the hardware but a little vinegar, basking soda, dawn and sunshine we were golden! 

So here we go...
Here is the finished project (its not decorated yet just painted)....

I loved the color of these handles from Lowes.
They are simple but pretty. 

The coloring is not great in this picture ( I took them at night).
 I painted it with The Southern Honey paint - Ellie Mae Color. 
I love love love this paint. 

Here is the colors that she sells...

I am super happy with how this piece turned out and it looks like it was made for my kitchen!!! 

* Let me know if you want to try her paint! Maybe I can talk Kim into doing a Beth's Blog Discount! 
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