Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Celebrity Gossip

I have a small problem with Celebrity Gossip! I dont know why so I have decided to accept it and deal with it. Some friends of mine started a website it out its on my favorite website list) its main focus are pictures of celebrities! If I have the time I will post my favorite celebrity picture of the day! I know I will enjoy this more than most(I know... most dont care) but I fiqure its my blog so I am gonna do it! I am going to post 2 today becuase lets face it I couldnt decide on which one!

I love Kelly Ripa and today on Regis and Kelly they hosted a high heel run!

My next picture is of Britney and Madonna! I am not a huge Madonna fan but I like Britney! I feel bad for her and I really feel she is going to make a comeback!
Now that I have posted I realize I really do have a celebrity gossip problem!!!!!!


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