Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A few of my favorite things....

Ok so if you know me you know that when I like something I go all out on it! So I decided to share some of my favorite things with and I plan to share a few each week!

A friend of mine Shannon introduced me to ELF nail polish! I love it you get it at Target and its only $1!!! It is no chip( it really is no chip I promise) So I have a thing with my tv shows! I mean thank goodness for the DVR I honestly do not know how we made it before! These are my 2 newest tv show addictions!

Jon and Kate plus 8! I mean honestly can you really live in that chaos! I love it and I praise them for doing it! It comes on Mondays at 8 on TLC(45)
The Deadlist Catch I LOVE IT! I love the drama and the action! I never knew there was that sort of job out there it just makes me realize there are so many things in the world that I want to see!!

My favorite Captain is Phil Harris (God love him he is sick) I know his language is a little salty but he brought his kids on to work on his boat( the Cornelia Marie) I just like him!! It comes on the Discovery Channel (39) on Tuesday nights at 8

I just have to say I AM IN LOVE with my Blacberry I am not a huge fan of Sprint but I love the blackberry.

I have discovered in all of my magazine reading(another obsession) these new Almay wipes to take off your makeup! Yes I am a firm believer of the Clinique 3 step but I do know there are nights where there just isnt time for the 3 steps! These ALMAY wipes are the best they take off everything even the water proof mascara! I love them I got mine at Target
Ok my last Favorite for the week! I had a small mishap with the laundry this week- I put in all my favorite big white towels in the wash and that was about it! About 3 days later I remembered they were in there needless to say I remembered them when I could smell them(gross...) Well Mrs.Sue at work introduces me the Baking Soda in the wash! I love it I mxed about a tablespoon with the detergent and washed them again and then immediatly put them in the dryer this time! Let me tell they smelled so clean I was amazed I am now a firm believer of the baking soda!!!


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