Friday, July 11, 2008


I decided to write tonight about a few of my friends! It seems like we all have different schedules and its hard to get together and all that but I was thinking today what is more important than friends!!

I have been friends with Stephanie for a long time way back when it didnt kill us to stay up after midnight!! We are travel buddies we have been on some fun trips and some serious shopping sprees(we actually sailed under the golden gate bridge for the first time but all we could think about was Louis Vuitton)! Anyway we havent been able to hang out alot lately but we can have 5 hour conversations on text messaging! I have been illegal purse shopping with her, she is used to ALL of my commenting on EVERYTHING, she deals with my moodiness, we were the first in line to Sex in the City and we have stayed friends through all of our stupid fights! I just want to say that I am proud of her, she found her soul mate and I got to watch her get married! She started her own business Bella Fitness( and has made it a huge success, she takes care of her mom(whom I love) and most important she got her i phone! I love her to death and I am glad she is my best friend! I have another friend who I respect greatly! She has two adorable kids and a great husband and she decided to leave her job so she could be a stay at home mom! I watched her go through some rough times and she never gave up and she was ALWAYS an amazing mom to her son! I think she is the happiest she has ever been and she deserves it! She has started making baby gifts from home and taking care of her 2 sweet kids! Check out her website she has really cute stuff! Leslie you are a great mom and a great friend!

Liana!!!! Oh my goodness she was my right hand man, we used to be together all the time and we would have a blast! I will never forget the time we went to the batting cages, she was so sore the next day!! She moved home to New York City and then she moved to LA I miss her dearly!!

Anyways these are just a few of my friends but I am lucky to have so many! I could call Rhiannon anytime and she can make me laugh, we are lucky we are even alive today! Anne is probably the most fashionable, strongest and smallest girl to drive a Hummer I know! Danny was my best friend during my college days and he introduced me to a whole new world. Tommy always makes me laugh! Jenny deals with me everyday at work and we have become very good friends, we share all the magazines! Darci was the best roomate ever she is so much fun and always getting into something! Clif oh my goodness he makes me laugh and that is all that matters!! I could go on and on about all my friends....
I just wanted to post this blog so my friends know how much I love them!! I just have to say for me to write all this about them is very out of character I got in a weak moment and they will all agree!!! I am ususally not a softie....

Darci, Me and Julie and Darcis wedding

Me and Clif at Thanksgiving

A fun day at the Wedding Show!

Anne and I at LAX in Las Vegas

Me and Little Rhiannon Morgan and Brian-Morgan cracks me up!

All the Girls in Vegas!


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