Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am venting tonight....

Another day as gone by that I have found out another family that is breaking up becuase the dad cheated.... all I have to say is I feel sorry for the kids.

In all my years "cheating" and "unfaithfulness" is becoming more and more frequent. I don't understand the power of it and I don't understand the fascination with it. I have lived through it, it was apart of my life and my family for all to long so I feel that I have the right to have such a strong opinion about it. I have seen first hand what it does to people!

When someone cheats on their spouse it is purely to pump up their ego! I know some women cheat but it is mainly the husband that does the cheating. Is it because they have no self control? Is it because they are obsessed with sex? Is it because they are so desperate for another person to pump up their ego? I could go on and on.... trust me! I just dont get it!

If you are going to cheat why dont you tell your spouse you want out? If you have the guts to have an affair and hurt your spouse and tear your family apart why dont you have the nerve to get divorced and then go do whatever? If you have an affair for the thrill of it why dont you get a divorce then go get your thrill? If you have an affair to boost your ego and to try to prove your a man why dont you get a divorce and then go to the gym to boost your ego and just think since your already divorced you can do anything you want with anyone you meet at the gym???

Yes Divorce is hard but my gosh isn't easier then cheating and then having to explain to everyone you are the one that screwed up your relationship?

The bottom line is Exodus 20:14 says "You shall not commit adultery.". Shouldn't that be enough to tell people not to cheat?


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Truer words never spoken......

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