Friday, July 11, 2008

Im done but my towels aren't...

Ok as you can already tell I love pictures! I am waiting on my towels to get out of the dryer so I am going to post a few of my favorite pictures(yes I am bored and I have a fear of leaving things in the wash now)
What is Anne doing?

My "polka dotted shirt friend" I met in Vegas

Yes Clif took me to see Ashlee Simpson in concert and we got to go backstage! And yes I would go again!

One of my favorite pictures of Ace!

My Sweet Granny with her Sweet and Sassy birthday cake

I love this kid! She was in my first class that I ever taught and she is the best kid ever!

My future sister in law,Maren

Ace had just gotten out of the bath and he was ready to attack!

Me and Stephanie in San Francisco

Mom and Ryan "throwing the deuce"

Me and Dad in San Francisco

My older brother Michael and his little family!

My Sweet Pap-Paw- I miss you and I love you

Me and Steph in the NYC


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