Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Its a rainy day....

Our Little Lucy

I finally decided to get my blog up and running I have so many friends that have one and I fiqure it is a great way to catch up with people and stay in touch. I dont have a lot going on right now I took a few days off to just to enjoy having nothing to do for a few days. We recently had to put our yorkie(Ace) to sleep because of some back problems that he had. It was a very sad time but it made us realize we loved having a little dog in the house so we began our new search for a new little furry friend. We found a great lady in Ashland City that had a house full of Yorkies so that is where we got our little Lucy! We love her already she is a tiny ball of fur that is into everything! She is so cute!!

I have also decided to conquer the task of cleaning out my closet!! I know that it will be a huge undertaking but it has to be done!! I am going to list some things on Craigs List as well take a few loads to Goodwill!

Well I am going to take Lucy out while it isnt raining! I will post again soon

RIP our Little Ace


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Welcome to the blogging world :)

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