Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Daily Gossip and a few other things!!!!

First I want to say that I am totally in love with Craigs list! Last night I took the time to actually take pictures of the stuff I am selling and list it on there(yes I was complaing the whole time saying no one is going to buy this mess...) GUESS WHAT more than half of has sold and I already have the money for it!! Let me tell you it was the easiest way I have ever made $245!!! I am already looking to see what I have now that I can sell!!

Ok so now for the good stuff! The celebrity pictures and yes I have more than one tonight(I have a feeling it is going to be this way everynight)

I will start with Justin Timberlake, lets face it he is a cutie!

Next is Reese Witherspoon she is just a good ole' country girl!

Then there is Sarah Jessica Parker I just love her when I see her I think of New York City and I LOVE New York City!

Tonights posting was short and sweet but I was informed at work today that I have to meet with a therapist for one of my sweet darling students from last year and yes there is 5 pages(front and back) worth of paperwork that has to be filled out before the meeting! So that is what my night will consisit of!


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