Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A whole year older....

So tomorrow is my birthday and that means I am another year older! I am not a huge fan of my birthday but its only a day! The kids at school are definitely more excited about my birthday than I am, one of the little boys asked me today if my mommy was going to make cupcakes for my friends! Those kids crack me up!!!

Here are a few things that I have learned in my 28 years(gosh I am 28)
  • BE HAPPY(life is short)
  • Do what makes you happy( I know alot of people dont agree with my job but listen up I love those kids and I love my job)
  • Debt is bad....
  • You need your friends and family
  • stress is not worth it( I am working on this but I know that its not good)
  • you only get one body so take care of it

So I have to share a couple of kid stories~

These kids make me laugh everyday and they also make me think about how I will raise my kids(if I ever have any). So I will start off with the funny story first. There is this little girl( I wont say her name but I will say that I gave her a nickname "Carm" its her Nonas(her grandmothers) name) She is one in a million I mean you have to meet her she absolutely makes me laugh out loud everyday. Yesterday she comes up to me so serious and says "My Nona goes to Curves for new exercises do you want to see what she does there" and then the best part happens she starts going nuts and I mean she was all over the place and then she turns around after like 1 minute and says "Miss Beth it works I am sweating". I know that you had to be there to think its funny but let me tell you if you knew this girl you would laugh!

Ok my next thought is about this little boy that comes from a split home and has two young parents. I have never met a little boy that is so angry and it breaks my heart. He is such a smart kid but he has a temper like a grown man. Today on the playground he kicked another boy (keep in mind before we went outside I told him he had to follow the rules and if he doesnt he will have to go inside) so after he kicked he had to go in! It took almost 15 minutes to get him in the building because he is throwing a fit. He gets in and goes to the office where he is at this point completely out of control after about 30 minutes we bring in the rest of the kids in and I notice the office door is closed and then I hear the screaming. So at this point it has been 45 minutes that he has been in a complete raging fit. We get the other kids cleaned up and go to lunch and during all this I can hear the screaming from the office. The other teacher I work with goes in there when we get settled at lunch and she fines the little boy under the principals desk kicking and screaming at this point the principal is worn out. The other teacher goes in there and all she does was pick him up(while he is screaming and kicking) and tells him she loves him and she is going to hug him. He immediately calmed down and just fell against her. It absolutely kills me to see a child need love and affection that much that he will have an hour raging fit. I don't think his mom is a bad person but a mother who needs to stop blaming the dad for everything! I pray that they will for once put their son first and get him the help he needs before his temper and anger gets him in BIG TROUBLE!!


Julie & Captain said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Happy Birthday!

I'm sorry that I can't be with you to get margaritas or cosmos ;)

Lol! Those kid stories crack me up! I think I know exactly who those kids are :) I miss their hilarity!

Miss you!!

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