Saturday, July 19, 2008

You Cant Call Me Lazy Today...

Today has been along day!!!! Saturdays are not meant for working! I had to work today to get my classroom ready and cleaned and centers set up and it is a job!! I am moving classrooms this year so basically I am starting all over again but now I have to clean up the past teachers stuff!! It will be fun when I get all the basic cleaning done!

My day started at 7am at the gym where I did my Saturday ritual of my 4 mile walk/run and let me tell you 7am on Saturday at the gym its just you and the one employee there(I usually don't get there till 10am). A couple of months ago I decided it was crazy that I didn't recycle so I set up all the separate bags in my kitchen and started sorting paper, plastic,glass... I took it all today to the Recycle place and let me tell you I might be the only one Hermitage who doesn't Recycle! That place was crowded! I felt good about myself after I got done so I encourage everyone do a little something for the earth RECYCLE(don't worry I am not going to become a tree hugger)! After all that I went and ran errands for all the stuff I needed for work and then off to Green Hills I go! I work for a few hours and I was going to meet Steph for lunch where she introduced me to the I phone! I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!! I will immediately start saving today to get one(yes I am old now and I don't run and buy everything on my charge card)! I have a thing with cell phones and I love the I phone I really wish Sprint would get it so I wont have to cancel my plan with them!! After lunch it was back to work for me and I conned Mom to come join me so she came and helped. I am probably the worst daughter in the world dragging my Mom to help me work 5 days after she had been in the hospital but I promise she said she wanted to come. We finished up for the day and went and ate soup at Whole Foods and then we drove around looking at the Big Ole' houses in Belle Meade(yes I love Real Estate).

That's pretty much my day in a nut shell and again I am old so I am going to take a bubble bath, read my book and I am off to bed(Gosh, I really am old)!


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