Sunday, August 10, 2008

I know I know....

I know it has been forever since I wrote on here but it has been a busy time!! My classroom is finally done!!!! I will post some pictures on here soon, I know that Mrs Julie needs a reminder of what she is missing!!! I made all my cubby tags with the cricut this weekend(honestly I don't know what I would do without that thing)! I am ready for school to start, I actually miss it because I like the routine(I sound like my Pap-Paw he loved his routine).

Other than school and getting ready for it I have officially picked up my bad habit of shopping again! I never really stopped it but I did slow down with it! Tomorrow I am going to make a budget and I WILL stick to it( this time I will actually try)! My trips to Target have to STOP!! The end of the isle Sale stuff is what gets me! Today I bought 2 boxes of baggies and 3 boxes of Crystal Light because they were on SALE! Well needless to say when I got home I realize I know have 5 boxes of baggies and 6 different types of Crystal Light! I am telling you Suze Orman could do a whole show on my shopping issues!

My so very dear friend Stephanie gave me a reality check this past week. She pointed out to me that we have not seen each other or hung out in forever! In her own so sweet way(Ha Ha) informed me of the many past plans that we had that I didn't make it to~ My new goal is to schedule hang out times with my friends and actually stick to it! I need my friends and I miss them~ I am going to give Steph so much me time she will be begging me to leave her alone :) Thanks Steph for the reality check!

My dad was in town this past weekend and he MADE me watch the opening of the Olympics and yes it was exciting and neat but my 2 favorite parts were every time they showed George Bush he was checking his watch and yawning and my second favorite part were all the commercials for the fall shows!! Yay Greys Anatomy and Private Practice!

Well I am off to finish folding towels and I have to call my Granny to make she sure took her medicine( if you ever wonder where I get my stubbornness from its my Granny)!

I promise I will start writing more! I will have more time since I wont be going to Target everyday....


KDM said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I wonder where you got your shopping issues....ha

Julie & Captain said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You DEFINITELY need to keep me updated :)

(and I have my own label - yay!!!)

Hope you're doing well! Miss you!!

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