Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My classroom!

Last night was our open house and let me tell you those parents can TALK and ask a lot of questions! I had a very blonde moment the other day where I got a little confused on what the DC stood for in Washington DC(Yes I went to college and YES I work with children). Anyways I tell my oh so dear friend Stephanie about it. WELL.... Steph the great personal trainer she is has one of my new students parents has a client and you guessed it she told them about my DC moment! The parents were funny last night talking about it and let me tell you my face was RED!! I will get you little Steph....

One of the little girls I have written about before, I call her Sussman came running into my room last night all smiles and she said "I have a present for you!!! AH mom I have to tell her its a lunch box for YYYOOUUUU!!!!!!! I have to go to the big girl class!!!! See you and oh yeah I got you a lunchbox" I am telling you this girl cracks me up she is so funny!!!!

Today was the first day!!!! There were a few brief moments when I was like "Oh my goodness what am I doing here" but I am going back tomorrow to give it another shot!

Here are a few things that I dealt with today....

  • I hear "OOOOHHHHH blue and red kind of make purple" and I am thinking how do they know that?? As I proceed to get up off the so called "quiet carpet" I see the PURPLE!! One sweet little child spilled blue paint on the floor and then somehow one child had red paint on her SHOE!!!!! Are you kidding me! All I could do was squirt everyone down and hope for the best!

  • We have a rest time and today I flipped off the lights and I hear this huffing and puffing and I walk back to this little girls mat and she says "The lights are off, I am going to count to 5 and then I will cry till the lights are on"! I was like excuse me!! It was funny but she will soon learn that I mean business during rest time! The kids do not know it but if Miss.Beth doesn't have that quiet time its gonna be A LONG afternoon for everyone!

I have a good group this year but every year at the beginning I forget that my job is alot like herding cattle! I just try to get them from here to there all in one group!

Here are a few pictures of my classroom....

This is my birthday chart, Its really cute it hangs from the ceiling and when the air is on the clouds look they are floating...

This is one of my bulletin boards-it says "My class fits me to a tee" and the kids each got to paint their own little t-shirt

This is my new little art station! Its so cute, each drawer is labeled and we have anything and everything you need to make a mess I mean an art project. Notice one of my little friends laying there resting(dont let her fool you she is not sleeping)!

And this is the last thing I saw before the whole paint issue!!


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

These kids are very lucky to have Miss Beth as their teacher....

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

They are lucky kids to have Miss Beth

Julie & Captain said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Good job with your room!! It looks really cute :)

Hahaha! little sussman cracks me up. Have you seen g. moore?? Shad will tease me every once in a while and says "i am a robot" and does the arms just like g does...

who all do you have in your class?

have you seen "pearl" or her siblings?? what is the new baby? did they really name her r. butterfly??

inquiring minds want to know.

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