Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Oh man I am back in the full swing of things with the kiddies! I am telling you it is always something with them and they are always making me laugh.

This morning one of my little friends comes up to me and he says I have a little secret and I say "Oh really do I need to know your secret?" and he says "YES, that's why I told you I had a secret..." I am like well spill it... He comes real close and whispers in my ear "I throwed up last night on my Moms magazine" I am like ok first of all step away! Then I was like were you sick and your tummy hurt and he goes "Nope just a little sinus"! It was funny, he thought he had the best secret for me!

Let me tell you the little girls in my class are SASSY~ I feel that I may have been that way when I was their age!

One little girl comes strutting in and she says "its summer but I am wearing pants because I wanted my legs to look flowey today!" I am like really its 90 degrees outside! Yes she did complain on the playground and I comeback with you are "Flowey and Fabulous" and she says "Yes I am and I am fabulous and sweaty too..." It was really funny

My school days are never BORING!!!

I have had some people ask about the big budget and how that is going. WELL lets just say I will officially start in September!!! Its all made but I will really stick to it starting then because Christmas is only 4 1/2 months!!! YAY I cant wait to put my tree up :)

As you know I am a celebrity gossip fan but I have to comment on Christina Applegate. I feel so bad for her I cant imagine what she has had to go through. But at least she found it early and it looks like everything is going to be ok for her! Its just scary that you can cancer at any age.


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I hope you record all these cute sayings in a journal.
Thanks for sharing them with us

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