Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another Day with the Short People!

Oh my goodness what a day!!

First off my day starts with me sitting in stand still traffic waiting patiently to merge onto the fabulous 2 lane 440, honestly whoever built that should be ashamed I MEAN 2 LANES REALLY????? Anyways I am sitting there and no one is moving so I am looking at my fabulous Blackberry and the lady behind me honks! No the traffic is not moving so I look at her in the mirror and she actually makes a hand motion for me to get off the phone!!! Ok first we aren't moving Second when we do move its only an inch, its not like the gates are going to open and there is going to be no more traffic and third SHE HAD BEEN PUTTING HER MAKEUP ON THE WHOLE TIME!!!! Oh how I love the traffic.....

I have mentioned my little friend "Carm" before and let me tell you this girls cracks me up! She is 100mph all the time! Her family is from New Orleans and they actually moved to Nashville after Katrina so I knew today she would be fired up over the storm! Well she comes in this morning going non-stop telling me about her company. They had friends come up from New Orleans to evacuate and Carm had to tell me all about it! My boss comes in to tell me something and she started laughing and said I have to tell you what "Carm" said today- She was playing dress up and when Carm plays dress up she puts on ALL the dress up clothes at one time anyways she had all the clothes on and she is just standing there and my boss asked her whats wrong and she says " I am coming down with a little bit of homesick" my boss laughed and talked to her for a second and said "I hope it passes because we have a special snack today" and that was it for Carm she shook off the Homesickness and off came all the dress up! If you know this girl it would be a lot funnier!!

My friends are still learning the ropes of rest time and I had to remind one of my little sassy friends today that there was no talking during nap well a few minutes later I thought she was still talking so I went over to her cot and I said her name well she looked up at me and said "You may not talk to me there is no talking during naptime..." all I could do was laugh because that is something I would say~

Well I am off to watch the republican convention!!!


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