Sunday, September 14, 2008

Its been awhile!

Oh how I love lazy Sundays!!

I ha vent written in awhile! Its been a crazy week! Mom had her surgery Wednesday and it went well. We all learned that Mom couldn't be a drug addict!! It took her about 5 hours to wake up from anastegia and when we give her a pain pill she will probably be awake in about 5 hours! I am so glad that everything went ok and she is doing well! Thank goodness from my Granny! She is so strong and so brave! I definitely couldn't have made it through that day if she wouldn't have been there! I love you Granny!!! I have to put this picture because I think its funny to Granny in that big blue coat!

Yesterday I went to get my haircut and colored! Well I very rarely do anything drastic with my hair! So I decided to go short and cut bangs!!! Its actually pretty cute but I guess I have to get used to it!

During Moms surgery I had to find something to keep me busy or I probably would have drove Granny crazy! I am proud to say that my Christmas cards are almost done! I can honestly say that I am obsessed with Christmas, if I could start decorating now I WOULD!!!


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