Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday the day of rest....

I have to say I am all into the Titans this year they are 4-o for the first time EVER! I actually watched the whole game thru today!

It has been a great week for TV watchers! There has been a new show on every night this week! Just so you know these are the shows I cant miss each week!

Monday night- Jon and Kate plus and Dr.90210
Wednesday-Private Practice
Thursday-Greys Anatomy and ER
Sunday- Brothers and Sisters , Desperate Housewives
These are the ones I cant miss but trust me there are others that I like! I know that it is odd to some that I get so into my shows but I see it as it keeps me from shopping :)!
I have to say there are 87 days till Christmas, 61 days till I can put my tree up and 61 days till Black Friday-the best shopping day of the year!! I love Christmas time!! I have already done some of my Christmas shopping, YAY!!!
I read this the other day on a church bulletin board and I liked it
"7 Days without prayer makes one weak"
I hope everyone has a great week!


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