Thursday, October 9, 2008

Its been a few days.....

Oh my goodness its been a few days since I have last written!! Of course I have a lot to say, so I will just start...

Today I had to go to my what seems like monthly appointment to the Urologist(its just as bad as the gyno). We go over all the medicine, talk about the surgery that I keep postponing and he does the exam! Well today when we were finishing up he tells me I look very teacher like! I dont know if this is good or bad! Keep in mind me and my doctor always joke around, we are on a first name basis! Lets face it he has seen it all!! Anyways I left there a little concerned about my teacher look! Please feel free to tell me if I look teachery!!! We leave there and I have to take my medicine to the Kroger pharmacy! I am very excited about this because in all my coupon searching I found a coupon that lets me get a Kroger $20 gift card for 3 prescriptions I get filled there. I am fired up about this and of course the girl working there is 16 and doesn't really know whats going on but we finally get everything filled and I got my $20 gift card. And then I drive off without the change so we pull back thru and wait for 20 minutes to get $1.65, I tried to joke with the girl but she wasn't having it!

I have to say that my friend Steph got me a great gift! She got me the new yellow iPod , I absolutely love! I am so lucky to have such a great friend! Here is a quick picture and then I put a picture of Steph and her birthday present from her husband Drew! Look at that sweet puppy!!!!

I also got a new phone! As you all know I am a huge fan of the blackberry so I got the new red one and I LOVE IT!!!!!

Ok so I don't have a lot of time tonight because I have a lot to do and it Greys Anatomy night! But I have to share one thought on this photo!

Here is the insert from FoxNews website Reuters photo — taken Oct. 8 of Governor Sarah Palin addressing her supporters — sexist? Would the news photographer have taken the same shot of Joe Biden? Ok first let me ask you what would happen if this was a picture of Michelle Obamas legs? Well I know know that Obama would raise hell but it wouldn't happen in the first place. I then want to say that the media is running this election, not McCain and Obama all they do is talk about change and pick on each other. I am totally put off by this picture because it was taken in the first place and then published but look at all the attention this woman is getting because of her looks. I wish Americans would wake up and listen to candidates and not the media.

I have to end with this because I am a proud supporter of this team!!!


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The media is one sided....
Yeah ....McCain and Palin

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