Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Break!

Its official I am on Christmas Break! I love staying up and then sleeping in in the mornings, it is great knowing that I dont have to get up for work! Yes I love my schedule and routine but I love not having a thing to do! All my Christmas shopping done, I am all decorating and I all I have left is baking(which I like to do)! We had Christmas tonight with my dad, he wont be here this year on Christmas day. We went to eat at J Alexanders( I have to say this because honestly I just want to complain-All we hear about is "people have no money", "there is a recession" tell me who the recession is affecting) I say all that because J's was packed as well as everywhere else I have been today.

For Christmas Dad gave me my membership to the Y, scrapbooking stuff and the Pink Dyson! Don't worry I asked for a vacuum for Christmas! My mom has one and I love it, I am glad to get one of my own!! I am glad we got to spend some time with Dad, he lives Sacramento CA and doesn't get to come to town a lot

Friday was the big Christmas Party at school, its always a busy and excited day. We have Mrs Clause visit the school and the kids. I will definitely post some pictures soon!


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