Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday thoughts!

This is going to be a random blog!

Its such a busy time of the year, everyones RUSHING to this and that and HURRYING to get this item or get such and such done! Whats with all the hurrying and rushing?? STOP and ask yourself "Why do I enjoy Christmas"? Every year I get like this I am running around trying to get cards made, buy the last minute gift, keep shopping after I am suppossed to be done with everyone, trying to make everyone happy and the list goes on... I am stopping it all now! I get so caught up with the shopping part that I loose sight of everything else. I want my Christmas to be about family and friends! I am excited to spend time with my family, to just sit around watch old movies, talk or go look at Christmas lights. Ok I am off my Christmas soapbox...(for now)

I have a little friend in my class and about month ago he sat up during rest time and told me he had the "throw ups" well ever since then thats what I have called the stomach flu! Well guess what Miss Beth got the "throw ups"! I got sick Thursday night( the same night we had our big work Christmas dinnner) and you guessed I got sick in the middle of the night! There is nothing worse to be woken up that kind of illeness! Let me tell you that is one sickness that I dont wish on anyone! I guess its the risk I take for working with kids, I take the chance of getting the "Throwups"! I am over it now and be thankful I didnt give you all the details!

I have to say my Mom and I could be professional bargain shoppers! We can find a deal anywhere! We have a bad habit of buying stuff on sale even if we dont need it, we like the idea of it being a bargain! But guess what we forget that it would be a better bargain if we didnt even buy it!!!! Last night we ran to Bath and Body Works looking for the famous holiday soap and we walk in and it is a zoo! There are people everywhere and the they are all carrying these big boxes! I immediatly need to know whats in the boxes because I feel like I need to buy whatever they are all buying! We rush over and see that they are robes well of course I need one they are 70% off and them we spot the $10 candles and that leads us to these half off blankets! And within 30 minutes we have spent $100 on stuff! We are walking out to the car and I tell Mom we totally just peer pressured shop, we got what everyone is buying! It was funny and the best part is we didnt even look for the soap the main reason we went there! And yes we are going to return the robe and the blankets!

On Saturday(less than 12 hours after my "throw ups") we drive to Ashland City(they have a Wal-mart and thats about it) to see our new little puppy! She is to die for, she is this tiny little Yorkie puppy and I love her! We get to bring her home Jan 10th and I cant wait! I will definitly post some pictures of her soon! The lady we are buying her from is the best! She loves animals and she LOVES her Yorkies! She has 5 as pets and they were so cute to play with and watch, it was bitter sweet because it mafde me think of my little Ace!

I saw this on the news today and it made me laugh! I know this is how President Bush wants to remember his last month of presidentcy! Poor buy you know he just wants to be done!

I told you this was a random post but I felt like blogging!


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Your the BEST shopping buddy ever!!
Yes sometimes we over do it and then go through the hassles of returning!!
The Yorkies were precious...Daisy will be well loved
Thank you for all our wonderful memeories...

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