Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vacation Week

Finally a week of no work, no schedules, no stress, no grocery shopping on Sunday and no rushing home to get stuff done... But so far I have had a week of car drama!!! My car has broke down twice in one week! Lucky Me!!!! Hopefully it is fixed and I can finish my week with no car drama and stress. It is times like these that I wish I was married so he could take care of these problems. Thank goodness I have Ryan, my Mom and Granny that can help me with these problems!

Well Christmas has come and gone! Seems like I have been getting ready for it for 3 months and it was over in about 2 hours! On Christmas Eve I always cook for the family and they come over and eat and we do presents from me! In Christmas Day we go to Moms house,it was a fun day we just all hung out and ate a yummy lunch and we watched the Little People Big World marathon! It was a fun family day! Of course I took some pictures of some of the presents I got! We are all big shoppers so we go all out but here a few things!
This book is AMAZING I told my Mom I wanted right after it came out. It is a little pricey but I LOVE IT! It is a book of the most controversial and best selling Vanity Fair covers,articles and pictures! I LOVE IT
This is the Pink Dyson that I got from my dad! It actually makes me want to clean!

I got this purse from my Mom! I love it, it is the perfect size and its fun! We got this on our midnight after Thanksgiving Opry Mills shopping trip!

This is a Vera Bradley computer bag for my new Pink Laptop! My Granny got this for me too!

I got these dishes and table settings from my Granny! I love them because they are fun and cute on my table! She also gave me matching silverware and a cute zebra vase!

My little brother gave me this Jessica Simpson overnight bag! I love the polka dots it is super cute!

I got this book from my Mom and I just started reading it and its really good!

I got this ring and let me tell you it is GORGEOUS!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and I will have it forever and always and I will always remember that its from my fabulous mom! I couldnt get a great picture of it but the black and white one is better

I also got this really cute shirt and earrings from my older brother and his fiance! I cant get a picture of the shirt because it is in the wash as we speak! It is super cute and comfortable! I will post pictures as soon as it is dried! They are both from their store global awakening!


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