Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Wreck

I cant believe I forgot to post about the wreck! Yes Ryan and I wrecked his truck last Friday(the day after Christmas) we were driving down the road in Mount Juliet and came around a curve and there was a man driving towards us in OUR LANE!!! Ryan was driving and it was either hit him head on or run off the road. He chose to run of the road well guess what we hit a very large tree! It hit on my side on the back door(he has one of those 4 door extended cab trucks). His truck is his pride and joy and I knew it was going to be bad when he got out to look! Well it gets better the man reversed his car and drove off!! He didnt stop to help or anything he drove off, thank goodness Ryan got his tag number. I knew we were about to wreck and No I didnt have on my seat belt and yes I almost died in a wreck 3 years ago but for some reason I didnt have it on but I do usually wear it. Anyways I knew it was coming so I thought I would use my pretend emergency brake so I slid down into the floor board but thank goodness neither of us was hurt. Ryan got out and looked at the truck and I saw the color leave his face, I knew it was bad! He got back in the truck and we drove off after scraping the car against the tree again trying to get out. We drove straight to the police station where we set for 2 hours filing a report. I will defiantly keep you updated on this! Here are a few pictures of the truck but you cant really tell how bad it is. He hasnt tried opening that back door in fear it wont close but the window definitely wont go back up... He had custom chrome mirrors and door handles and all of the ones on the right side will have to be replaced as well


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