Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Im here again!

Well I am here again well you know what that means! I did go to the gym again, yes my legs are like Jello but I went on anyway and I am glad; I didnt spend any money today except for gas! I did eat my fruits and veggies today and drank all my water! So far so good I guess, Thank you to all of you who ask me about my Resolutions and how its going!

If you havent seen the show Biggest Loser I recommend it to everyone! Its amazing how these people put themselves out there. There they are in their spandex glory flashing how much they weigh on national tv. I love watching them workout and climb the weight loss battle! It comes on channel 4 here (NBC) on Tuesday nights at 7! I love it, it motivates me! The show website has great information and ideas! http://www.nbc.com/The_Biggest_Loser_5/

Jillan one of the trainers says "I cant save you, you have to save yourself" I like that!

I do have to comment on the John Travolta thing! My heart breaks for them I do not have my own kids but let me tell you I would die if something ever happen to any of the kids in my class. There is something heart wrenching about a child dying I feel for their family and I pray for that family daily. I heard a lady at the gym talking about it and she was saying something about bad things do happen to the rich and famous. The way she said just rubbed me the wrong way! Yes they have fame and fortune but guess what they have a heart too and you know what their heart has to be completely shattered. I am sure they will give all their fame and fortune away plus more to just have one more day with their son!


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I am proud of you for so many reasons
<3 kdm

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