Friday, January 9, 2009

Im old posting on a Friday night!

Well here it is Friday night and what am I doing....blogging! Oh how times have changed! Well I went to the gym yesterday and let me tell you my legs are so sore that it actually pains me to sit down and its even worse getting up! MAN I REALLY AM OLD!! Well I am venturing out and I went to church Wednesday night with my friend Jenny, we are doing a Bible study. I was nervous about going and usually these things dont bother me but I think it did because it was church! I went and it was fine and I am actually looking forward to the study. So I guess I am following thru with another goal by doing something new by going to this new church!

I am also working on another goal by paying an extra $300 on my credit card, I wont pain you by telling how much I owe but I did pay triple the minimum payment and I am proud of myself for doing that! I havent bought anything extra this week till tonight. I have a serious weakness for magazines and books, I have made myself only buy one magazine a week now either People or OK(it just depends on whose on the cover)! I havent bought a magazine but I did buy the Twlight book! I know its a Vampire book BUT let me tell you everyone I know that has read this book has gone missing until they finish it, they cant put it down. I decided to fall into the peer pressure and I bought the book at Sams but it was only $5! I really am working super hard on keeping my resolutions, all I can do is try?
All I want to be hearing tomorrow from 3:30 on is TOUCHDOOOWWWWWNNNNNNN TITANS!!!!!!!! My favorite player is number 92 Albert Haynesworth, I love him! There is no stopping him!! I have a question, you can leave a comment to the blog or just email me~
I read today that Obama is moving his mother-in-law into the White House. How do you feel about that? Has this ever been done before?
My Answer: Honestly I dont know how I feel about it I mean I dont really think its a big deal but for some reason all the blogs and the politic people are all talking about this. Yes I was to lazy to read about it and research it. I think for their daughters its good I can only imagine how busy their parents are going to be and I think for them it would be nice to have someone that is always their with them. I have taken an interest into Obama and his family, I was for McCain so I focused all my energy into him but now that Obama is President I have been reading up on him and I have found some interesting facts on him and I will be sharing a few of them along the line.

I havent posted many celebrity pictures and I know you are just dying without them(just kidding but thanks for humoring me)
I found out today that Kelly Clarkson has a new cd coming out soon! I love her~

Do you think he looks really Old or is it just me!

I love Kate Winslet! She is a REAL actress

Yay Reese Witherspoon!

Of course I have to have the Britney Spears!


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