Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just a Few Words...

Hi Friends! Its been a few days but I have been busy,sort of! We FINALLY had a Snow Day yesterday and it was my kind of Snow Day! Its snowed for about 45 minutes it covered the ground and it was gone within the hour so that I could run errands! The weather people totally blew it up and it ended up being nothing. But as soon as everyone would have gone to school, work... it would have been a disaster!

I have a few school stories to share with you! I know how much you love hearing about the drama of the kids. Today we are standing in line getting ready to go to lunch and I hear "your nose has blood on it" I walk to the front of the line and one of my little friends turns around and he literally has blood all over his nose, mouth, shirt and its dripping on the floor! Well I always think I am calm and cool in these situation but today I totally lost it! I guess it was all the blood and all the kids were right there but I started talking real loud, I was pushing him around the room and I just pushed him off on Annie and I took all the other kids to lunch! I mean honestly what was I thinking, I look back and I laugh because all the other kids were like "can we just go to lunch?" they werent the least bit phased by the blood!

So after rest time one of my little friends was having a hard time getting up and putting his blanket away and getting going. I was doing other things and getting the kids lined up to go the bathroom and I looked up and all the kids were standing around the trash can so I walk over there and my little friend was standing there pushing his blankets into the trash can and one little boy said "Duh... thats not your cubbie, what are you doing" I started laughing because I was thinking what are all the kids thinking? Here is one of their friends shoving his blanket in the trash can, all their little faces were so confused! I got everyone lined up and I clapped real loud and my friend jumped a mile, he was sleep walking, I woke him up from a dead sleep. I felt so bad because I scared him to death but I did kinda laugh a little. We all head to the bathroom and everyone does their business I of course count heads and I am missing one, I check the bathroom and there he was standing there head back and pee pee all over the place he feel back asleep!!! What in the world I mean honestly everyday is different! And here is my random kid conversation of the day "Hi Miss Beth I have a bandaid" (bandaids are big things for these kids they love them)I say "Hi sweet girl, Oh no! did you hurt your finger" "Yes I bit my finger and bleaded, I have bandaids in my lunchbox so when I wash my hands this one will fall off and I can put on a new one, will you help me" "Yes I will" "Thank You" and she walks off. I am like WHAT? Sometimes i just cant follow them and all I can do it laugh.

My one complaint for the day, maybe for the hour! I pay all this money to Comcast and I decide I need to cut the bill back so I am going to cancel my home phone.I call them and the girl is super nice and tells me she can allow me to have the phone service free for the next 3 months and then it will be $19.99 for a year. WHAT THE HECK!! No one would ever have to go thru any of that if they would just charge $19.99 in the first place!!! Good Grief... it just proves to me they are overcharging on their services!

Here is my latest card, sorry the color is bad the picture is from my cellphone. I made it as a thank you card.


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