Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Update....

Well I made it through my first day back at work! I had all my Christmas mess to clean up,Ugh... But anyways its all up and now I need to get some lesson planning going on. The kids were really cute telling me about Santa coming to their house its funny to hear all the stories!

Well here is my resolution update I did go to the gym today, I didnt go to Target yesterday, I cleaned out my closets, I returned the clothes that I had bought out of boredom over the last 2 weeks and all my bills are payed for the month. Here are the embarrassing pictures of my closet cleaning just so you can grasp how big this job was

Ok this random but I have to make a few comments about my show Jon and Kate plus 8. Last week on the previews they said they were moving so I got on the Internet to see if I could out where they were moving and I came across some crazy websites! There are tons of HATE blogs about Kate, I was shocked but after reading some of them it started making sense. They tape everyday and the show doesnt go on season breaks. All the blogs are just saying they are using their kids to become "famous"! Who knows I kinda think people are jealous but I do wonder about the kids because they have cameras following them all the time?

We get our sweet Zoe Saturday and the Titans play YAYAYA


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