Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Morning Writing

I warn you now this blog is going to be RANDOM!!! I feel like I have alot to say(I know its not important stuff) but its just stuff that's on my mind!! I have to write fast because we are taking our sweet Zoe for her first haircut, you know there will pictures coming soon!

First let me point out where I am! I am at my usual Starbucks, Yes I am that girl sitting here with my $5 cup of coffee on my pink laptop! BUT being the cheapo that I am I haven't spent a dime! Back in the days of all my car trouble I got up at 6am on a SATURDAY to be the first one in line at Goodyear so that I could point out all the things they messed up and I lugged my laptop there(my old one it was big) I was so going to stay while they worked on my car(I thought that would intimidate them, it didnt...). There was a Starbucks next door so I walk over get my $5 cup of coffee and set up camp at the table and I realize you have to pay for the "FREE WiFi" I mean honestly I didnt know that but I wasnt surprised so I sat there for an hour trying to figure out a way to hack into some free internet, it never happened so I played Solitaire for 4 hours!!! Well here we are today and YES I am at Starbucks and I am using free internet(I know I have internet at home but just once I want to be the girl at Starbucks with the laptop) I foundo out on one of my Saving Money websites if you have a Starbucks giftcard you can register at ATT and you have 2 hours of free internet! YAY I beat the system, well I like to think that I did!
Next topic for my Saturday Starbucks blog! Twitter
Awhile back I wrote a blog that I was setting up Twitter and you could follow what I am doing on Twitter and it would come up on my blog. Well I could never get it to work and this morning I was bound and determined to get it all set it up! I finally got it to update my blog from my cell phone! YAY I DID IT! Well about 20 minutes later I get an email from my favorite uncle Johnny asking me why my car was broke forever? I was like what in the world than I realized that Twitter probably sent out all my updates at once on an email! So Johnny my car is not broke forever that is an old Twitter post! Please let me know if you get a million Twitter updates when I update it, it is supposed to only send out the latest updates! I know no one is going to understand any of this because I barely do! Anyways when you look at my blog on the top left corner you will see my latest Twitter update! If you are my Facebook friend then you know I like to update alot!
Next Topic: Valentines Day card swap
The other day my friend Jenny was telling me about this blog that you can go to and sign up to be apart of a card swap! Well of course I have to do it so I go sign up without reading all the details! About an hour later I get the email with all the details and let me tell you its gonna be alot of work. They open the signup for anyone and then when signups are over they send out an email letting you know how many cards you have to MAKE! Oh yeah I just realized that I have mentioned that this is a homemade card swap. I like to think of myself as somewhat crafty but my moods for it come and go so I better get in the mood because I have a whole lot of cards to make! They let you know how many cards to make I will send them my cards and they will send one of everyone elses cards! Sounds fun right? What am I going to do with 100 other peoples handmade cards? The things I get myself into! Well last night we go to JoAnns to get all the card stuff well I go wild in the paper section and now that I look back I was 100% old Beth shopping like I am a millionaire! I buy all this mess without thinking about what I have at home that I can use for this big card making experience. Well when I get home I realize I have about 30 sheets of Valentines paper! I am so mad at myself so I am going to take the walk of shame back into JoAnns and try and return the paper, Oh my goodness this is going to be embarrassing.
In my time of saving money I have decided that it is pointless for me to buying all these books and then letting them gather dust on my bookshelf. I am now a proud user of the Nashville Public Library! Its perfect and free, sort of. I get my books but I ALWAYS forget to return them on time so in my money saving times I am having to "late fees" at the library! Well I find out that you can take in can goods to erase your late fees!! Look out Mom I am on my to raid the pantry for can goods!
Can you believe that plane crash in the water! I just still cant wrap my brain around the whole thing! I cant imagine what those people on that plane were thinking I would have FREAKED OUT! Flying doesnt bother me, I always think these things wont ever happen to me but I am sure those people on that plane thought the same thing. You cant tell me that the good Lord was not watching over that plane full of people and that pilot!

It has been super cold here in NashVegas and it is killing my arm! Back in my 5th grade summer I was at church camp and I was standing in the back of Dads truck and he took off and I fell out and I tried to catch myself and broke my arm, it was a bad break it looked mangled I remember it like it was yesterday. Dad takes me to this tiny hospital near Fall Creek Falls and I dont remember all the details of what they did but there were X-Rays and then there was the setting. I remember this glove thing hanging from the ceiling and he clipped my fingers it in and then there was this hammer thing that he hit my elbow with. From there on its blur, probably best. I know that my wrist was broke, the middle part of my arm, my elbow and a few fingers. Anyways Mom, Granny, Pap-Paw and Ryan make the drive from Oak Ridge to get me in the middle of the night, Mom got carsick and it was a LONG drive home. ANYWAYS I guess this cold weather is setting into my bones because my wrist is twice its size and my elbow wont bend all the way! I just wanted to share my arm complaint with everyone because Mom has been hearing about it non stop!
Well I am done getting back at Starbucks with my free internet( I know its weird but humor me) notice I wrote my whole blog and didnt mention the gym, take that as a bad sign and wait for me to write about next week!


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