Saturday, January 24, 2009

This weeks wrap up

Well I finished my cards tonight for the card swap! I think they turned out pretty cute! I am officially in craft mode so be on the lookout for some of my new projects. I am aware that I have a bad habit of starting a project and not finishing them but for now on I am going to start taking pictures of them and posting them on here!

Again this blog is going to be Random, but aren't those the best ones?
I got my 4 mile walk in this morning, I am just going to go ahead and confess that I havent been doing my Saturday morning walks lately, it was good to get back into that routine. Yesterday mom and I went walking so we decided to take Zoe along(dont worry she was carried,wearing her cute sweater and wrapped in a blanket)but she was so funny she couldnt take in the smells fast enough! I love that sweet little puppy she just plays and loves to be picked up and loved on!
My apartment is off a two lane road and I was coming down the road in the left lane and I had to turn left into my apartment so I put on my signal to turn and I went to make a wide turn the guy that was directly behind me never slowed down when I went to turn I just happen to look back there and realized he was paying attention that I was about to turn so I swerved into the other lane so he could pass( obviously there wasnt anyone coming in the other lane) but still it could have been a huge disaster if I wouldnt have been looking. I know this has nothing do with anything but I will say I had some SERIOUS road rage.


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Got one of your cards. So cute. You can check out my blog at

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