Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Greys Anatomy Day!!!

Oh man I am a TV junkie because I am now naming my blogs after TV shows!!! Its been a few days since I last wrote but I feel like I have swamped lately! My kids in my class have been 100% out of control I dont know what is going on I am hoping it will get back to normal but if it doesnt you just might see this headline on the 6 o'clock news "Teacher goes nutty with her students"!!

Well here is the big news of 2009!!! I mean this is SERIOUS(well only to Stephanie)!! On they confirmed that there will be another Sex In The City movie YYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY! I can feel everyones excitement through the internet.

Well I will only mention this one time but the lady who had 6 kids then has 8 more make me sick. She isnt married, I think she is broke, she lives with her mother and I feel like she is only had them all so she can make money on them.And what kind of doctor would help her get that many babies? BEFORE YOU EMAIL TO RIP ME UP OVER THIS THESE ARE MY OPINIONS!!!!! I have no doubt we will be hearing about this girl in the future!

Here is the Resolution UPDATE-

1. The hardest of them all is the money thing! I miss my Target trips but at the end of January I still had $257 of my budgeted money. I had budgeted $150 on "Extra" stuff(aka...stuff from Target I dont need) and the rest was left over budgeted grocery and gas money that I didnt use. I am proud of myself because I put the extra money on my credit card. Man I feel like an actual adult now!

2. I will make a short comment on the getting healthy issue. I am shooting to go to the gym 5 days a week even if its just for a walk. I am drinking more water, eating more fruits and veggies and really been watching portion control. I am not stressing it or obsessing over it and it seems to be easier this way.

3. The doing something new every month hasnt really being going all that good I just dont seem to have a lot of extra time. I have been going to Brentwood Hills on Wednesday for a Beth Moore study of Eshter, thats new! I like its really interesting and I like doing.

I am feeling a trip to New York City coming on with some of my tax refund money! Waiting for Steph(my official traveling partner) to agree to come with me!!

I am so glad its going to be Friday tomorrow and I can to leave early tomorrow!!!


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