Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Wow what a busy week! Its seems like when there is a party at school everything becomes so busy! I am SO ready for Spring!!! It seems like here in big NashVegas this is when the weather gets crazy! It can be 70 degrees one day and snow the next. This is always the time of year I get sick, last year at this time is when I got the flu and strep throat. I am bound and determine to not get sick this year, I am taking every vitamin under the sun. I have mentioned in the past that I have to take Detrol and Cipro daily for my bad bladder and today was a 2 Detrol day! Now if you have ever taken Detrol you know that dry mouth is one of the side effects and let me tell you that it is extreme! I HATE and it ruins my day when I have to take 2(yes I am complaining)!

My dad sent me Valentines flowers this week at school and my kids loved the attached balloon it was a big hit! My mom always gets us a little something for Valentines and Granny always sends us a Valentine in the mail!

I told you all about the card swap that I signed up for on my new favorite craft blog ! Well guess what my card was chosen to be in the top 10! I couldn't believe it but it was kinda exciting! Here are a few of my favorite cards that I got from the swap! You can go to there website and see bigger pictures of each card, there are so really cute ones! On Thursday night I decided to clean out my pantry and look what happens when I decide to organize!

Yup thats right I spilled a whole pound of sugar! The lid fell of my sugar container and it went everywhere!! Its good thing that I have a Dyson because it took 3 good vacuum sessions to get that mess up!!

Today we had to take our little Zoe to the vet, she has an ear infection! We have learned that it is going to be impossible to give that 2 pound(up she is now 2 lbs.) dog medicine!!!

Well I am taking my headached, dry mouthed self to bed


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