Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Love....

Here are a few things that I love!!!!
  • taking a super hot bubble bath when my feet hurt
  • when my hair has been freshly cut and colored
  • calling my Granny and telling her all about day
  • Vaseline on my hands before bed with those gloves from Bath and Body Works
  • Hanging around Friends all day
  • a fun family party
  • Making Memories
  • Coming home after a long day to a super clean house

Guess What? I got to do most of these things today(except talking to my Granny to tell her about the party because I didnt leave their house till 1am)!! Yes I know that it is 2am but I just got home from a friends house and we had a busy day! Let me give you the short version. A friend of mine who lives in the gorgeous house in Green Hills hosted a wedding shower in her home tonight for her friends daughter. Jenny and myself were there to help keep things cleaned, the food stocked, etc. ...I love family parties even when it isnt even my family. These people were super nice and so funny. We heard it all from them talking to their "Big Momma" on the phone( thats the grooms grandmother) that I think lives in Atlanta, to them talking about the showers in Karens(the host)home, to how GOOD the meatballs were and one of them referred to the house as a big castle! I loved talking to them and hearing stories about these people and their family. I love that I just met these people tonight and by the end of the night the grooms dad hugged me bye( I am not a hugger) but this man was so sweet and he reminded of my sweet Pap-Paw. You could just feel the love of this family and you could just see them all(there was at least 70 of them there tonight) talk and love all being together! I love that and I think that is what a true family represents.

I was there helping at the party with my friend Jenny. I work with Jenny at school and this year we have become such good friends. She is the type of person that you can talk to and that actually listens and will give you advice, she has a huge heart and I know that she would be there for me in a heartbeat. I can honestly say that God put us in the same place so that we could become friends. She is who I go to church with and she has really taught me compassion in life. I cherish our friendship and I know that we will be friends for the long haul! It works out perfect because she has a twin sister that is exactly like her so you get two friends for the price of one!

If I can get the pictures from the party I will definitely share them you all! I am off to bed and hope to blog tomorrow, I will have lots of time tomorrow because all my cleaning is DONE!


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You are the BEST and a BLESSING!!

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