Thursday, February 19, 2009

Its Cold.....

Well today was LONG!! I was not in a good mood, I think there are just days when your just not in the mood to do anything. I think I am just tired so I am going to bed early and try again tomorrow, I dont think the kids in my class want me to come back to school tomorrow in a bad mood. And to top off my bad mood its FREEZING outside and it took a good hour to get home! Go ahead and say it, I should have never said anything about the no traffic in the afternoons.

Well I have to say I did something nice for someone! I went to Grannys Sunday because she was not feeling good so I went to make sure she went to doctor! We went to the Doctor and after I ran down to Krogers and filled her prescriptions. There was this little lady there picking up her medicine and she realized that she didnt have her wallet and was getting all upset over this. I walked up there and paid for them for her and told her to have a good day. Well when it was my turn to pay the lady working there said "Who are you Mary Poppins?" WHAT!!!! Are you kidding me... Oh well I just looked at her and walked away.Can you not do something nice for someone without someone else judging?

I have been reading this blog about this precious little girl named Abby who has cancer but she is a fighter and her family is awesome. I told the kids at school about her and they looked at pictures of her and they drew her cards and all kinds of fun stuff. I talked to her dad tonight and I mentioned to him about me starting an Abby Class blog so that she can log on and see our class and see the kids and the kids can talk to her! I will have to talk to the boss lady about this and the kids parents but I think it would be a great thing for my kids as well as Abby! Check their blog out and when I get everything up and running I will let you know so you can check it out!

Well these towels arent going to fold themselves! Oh yeah wish us luck we are taking Zoe to puppy class tomorrow!!!


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