Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Night Randomness

Well my weekend is again coming to an end. We spend all week wishing it was the weekend and the weekends are over in a flash! As I sit here watching the Grammys(I love all shows that have a red carpet involved) I am noticing there are a lot of country music singers, I am fan of the country music so I am glad to see them there! Today I had a "legs go weak" moment. I took Zoe out to do her business and brought her in and gave her a little treat and put her up because we were going to run errands. I heard a weird noise and I looked down and she was laying on her back and she was wiggling everywhere and then she fell in her water bowl. I ran out and got Mom and Granny and we realized she was choking on her treat! I freaked out! Granny stuck her finger down her throat and we guessed it pushed it on down and she started breathing again! Oh my goodness let me tell you it was an intense few minutes! No more treats for little Miss Zoe! It makes my heart race to think about it.

Grammy Update: Jennifer Hudson is singing and my heart breaks for her- I cant imagine what it feels like for her to get up there and sing a song with everything she has been through!

Yesterday morning I got up and did my routine Saturday walk and let me tell you what I cry when I have to sit down or stand up for that matter! I did those walking lunges and let me tell you what my legs are so super sore! My Junior year of college I realized I needed to take one more PE class so a friend of mine and I signed up for a weight training class(laugh I know its funny). I had heard that a baseball coach teaches the class so if you took it in the Spring he canceled a lot of classes because they traveled. Anyways in one of the classes he had us do walking lunges and squats against the door, we did 3 sets of 15(this was the first time I had ever done either). I am not even lying when I tell you that for the next 3 days I walked with a terrible limp, had to take the elevator to all my classes( the stairs were not even an option) and I had to take Tylenols ever 2 hours because it hurt so bad. I tried so hard to hide it but it hurt so bad,I walked into my Biology class and this girl I had never spoke to before asked me if I had been in an accident because I was walking so funny. I had to take a deep breathe and just hoped that I wouldn't pass out from the pain when I sat down at my desk,I was so embarrassed I didnt know what to say! So now everytime I get sore I think about that.

This weekend I made the cutest Valentines tins. I used old Christmas tins, Acrylic paint, Modge Podge and scrapbook paper. I think they turned out pretty dang cute! All the lids are in the same pattern that is wrapped around

I also made this super cute notebook. I bought the notebook at Wal-Mart and just tied all the ribbon to it. It makes a great and super cute gift.

Grammy Update: I love Kenny Chesney(is that how you spell it?), Sugarland and I dont like Paul Mcartney

Well I am headed to bed I am going to the gym before work tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great week but I am sure I will be writing soon.


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