Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday and YES I am blogging!

I should have named my blog Beths Randomness! Every time I sit down to blog all these weird and random things come to me! This leads me to my first thought I want to write about...
I listen to 107.5 the River every morning( the Woody and Jim show) on the way to work(getting ready I listen to Jerry House on 98WSIX he makes me laugh) on the River they have a segment called 57 Seconds of Sleaze with Intern Adam! Bet you can guess what thats about???Celebrity Gossip of course! They also do this phone scam thing and "What do you do Wednesdays" the intern goes to different houses around town and goes to the door and ask the house owner what he does to afford such a lovely home. I laugh out loud every morning over these guys they crack me up! The other day they started to talk about blogging! They said its taking over the Internet and they dont understand why people do it and why other people read about complete strangers? They said if you blog why do you think you are so special that you sit down and write about nothing and expect other people to read it? I have to tell you it made me think? I have come to this conclusion: I write because one day I myself will come back and read it, so its basically my journal; if anything my family reads it and they SAY they like it too so BOO on you Woody and Jim I am officially not one of the SNOBBY Bloggers as you say!!
The other day I had to go to the doctor, I had some weird bladder issues( I will spare the details)
but they inform me it looks like I have kidney stones! Guess What!?! I get to take more medicine GAG! Well he calls me today and I now have calcium deposits. I guess its no big deal but I do have to finish ALL the medicine and hope that I wont have anymore pain! This is my health update just in case you were wondering!
I am happy to announce that I am in my morning gym routine! Up at 4:30 at the gym by 5 and leaving at 6 to get ready for work. I am convinced that the gym makes me be in a better mood and I LOVE IT!!!

On that note I need to head to bed because 4:30 comes EARLY!!

I will give a sneak peek at my weekend: cookie making, baby shower, cupcake making with a friend, breakfast with Leslie and her 2 sweet kiddos, a major cleaning session, Recycling, stamp ordering and I will attempt to make a 12 layer cake! I promise there will be lots of pictures from the cupcake making because its gonna be funny and I will picture the 12 layer cake only if it turns out ok!!

Have a good rest of the week!


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