Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Roundup...

Oh its already Sunday night! Why Oh Why does the weekend go by SO SLOW!!
Its been a pretty relaxing weekend! Here is a short run down...


Work of course- as far as I can remember it was pretty uneventful

We took Zoe to Puppy Class at PetSmart! Here are a few of the many reasons it was awful

1. The trainer was allergic to the lotion I was wearing(Peony from Bath and Body) she sneezed, coughed ,eyes watering the WHOLE time

2. Before class even started the trainer gave Zoe a whole treat-an adult size dog treat-my dog weighs 1 pound I was already preparing myself for a diarrhea disaster

3. Zoes classmate is an out of control 14 week old German Shepard that weighs 25lbs and barks NON STOP! The owner was a fruitcake and her daughter was all over the place the whole time!

4. Some turbo man trainer comes in at one point- I cant decide why he came in there to try and calm the Shepard down, make sure the girl trainer was still breathing and not dying over my lotion or he is trying to pretend to be the dog whisperer

5. He is pulling Zoe's leash and choking her- her windpipe is the size of a toothpick you dont pull her leash- does he not know that? Why did we pay for this class?
6. Zoe is attacked by the German Shepard I get pushed from Turbo Man Trainer when I try to pick her up-then get in trouble when I do pick her up

Bottom Line it was AWFUL!!!
I went to gym and then took all my recycling to the recycling drop off place. Stephanie and I went shopping and got a friend of ours who is pregnant and having a tough time with the morning sickness or it should be called all day sickness in her situation.

Today I went to Wal-Mart, my moms for lunch, mom and I went to Target and then I went back to her house and played sweet Zoe and now I am watching the Oscars.

That was my weekend,nice and boring! Well I have a few more things to do and off to bed, its a 4:30 am gym day!

Here are a few Zoe pictures!


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