Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What a Night...

What a night! In the last 30 minutes my smoke alarm starts going off, Granny goes missing, I drop my phone in the sink of water and slammed my finger in the door!!! The smoke alarm goes off because I didnt cut the wick in a candle I lit so the flame was to big, I dropped my house phone in the sink, hopefully it will dry out and work, Granny goes to visit a friend and doesnt tell anyone or take her cell phone and I just smashed my finger in the coat closet door and it really HURT!! Now I am just sitting here wishing I could go on to bed! This is the bad part of getting up at 4:30am to go to the gym, you start to fall apart around 7pm!! I am back on track of my morning workouts! I go Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoon. I am really trying to eat healthy as well! We will see what happens from here, wish me luck!

I have to drive across town to work everyday, in the mornings its about a 20 minute drive and the afternoon its usually about 30 minutes. Well in the last couple of weeks in the afternoon I can leave work at 4:00 and pull into my apartmnet at 4:12!!! Ok so I first have to ask where did all the traffic go? I dont get it, I am not complaining but its so odd!! I used to sit on 440 for at least 20 minutes but now its like the Twilight Zone no traffic! Maybe God is just watching over me because he knows I dont do well in traffic! This morning I was driving along in traffic and I got a text so I look down and when I looked back up traffic was stopped!!! I swerved onto the side of the road to slow down and as soon as I did I saw why everyone was slowed down there was a van with a flat tire! I had to pull back into traffic but that poor man working on the van looked like his life just flashed before his eyes! Let me tell you my knees went weak when I got back in traffic, that could have been a serious accident! When I got back in traffic and setttled down I looked over at the car beside me and the man wiped his forehead, I was embarressed I know he just wanted to tell me pay attention you women driver!!

This afternoon I ran by the post office to get stamps and mail some cards, I got there at 4:30 and they close at 5. There are 2 girls working and there are about 4 people in line. One lady was addressing some boxes and talking very loudly to herself, a man bought a book of stamps but somehow was confused and only needed 2 stamps so he tried to return the others and then the man in front of me was on the phone so when it was his turn he looked at me and told me to go ahead of him. Well I was going to but he wouldnt move so I just stood there and he just kept talking and when he got off the phone he turned to me and said "Thanks", what in the world! I just looked at him and waited my turn. It was finally my turn and I walk up there and the girl working was doing surgery on her glasses. She had a screwdriver, these little clamp things and paper towels. Well I dont wont to bother her so I just stand there and let me tell you Miss Post Office Lady never looks up at me!!! Are you kidding me!!! Finally I say can I get some stamps and she looks up and says "Just One Moment Please"!!! What in the world! I wont even give you the play by play from here but I was not so nice. I should have just bought the confused guys left over stamps!!

Well I am off to finish the Twlight book! I have been sucked in and I cant stop reading it


LJ said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Omg!! You have to blog more often! You are terribly amusing!! I'm sorry, but it is kind of like trying not to laugh when somebody falls down...yeah right! I cannot help but giggle when I read about your crazy days! I think maybe it's because I can just hear your voice when I am reading along..lol!! Hope tomorrow is a better day!
P.S. Do not text and drive Beth. You are going to kill someone or yourself..lol!!

laska said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I got one of your cards in the card swap. It's beautiful! definately one of my favorites! great job!

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