Tuesday, March 24, 2009

100 things for my 100th post....

In all my blog reading I have come to learn that when you get to your 100th post you are supposed to write 100 RANDOM things about yourself to share.~ Well I think to myself are there 100 random things I can share about myself??? Let me just try...

1. I was born in Chattanooga TN on July 30th 1980

2. I have 2 brothers-one older(Michael) one younger(Ryan)

3. I went to Kindergarten at Lakeview elementary in Wilson County

4. The first time I ever rode the school bus Michael hit this boy(Jack was his name) because he was going to sit by me on the bus

5. I have had 8 dogs in my life- not at the same time of course

6. a few pet fish

7. and a bird named Winnie that my little brother let out of its cage outside on my birthday

8.I LOVE to travel but I dont get to as much as I like

9. I have been to London, Ireland and Scotland

10. Managua, Nicaragua

11. Key West

12. Charleston, SC

13. New York City

14. San Francisco

15. Orlando FL

16. Atlanta GA

17. Breckinridge CO

18. Washington DC

19. Chicago

20. These are just some of the places I have been New York City is my FAVORITE

21. Secretly I want to live there one day(when I win the lottery)

22. I LOVE purses I have two Louis Vuittons - one I bought in San Francisco and one I bought in Las Vegas

23. I have also been to Vegas a few times

24. I love the CIRQUE DU SOLEIL shows -I have seen the O Show and the Mystere shows in Las Vegas and I saw one of the shows here in Nashville

25. When i went to Key West with my family I think I was 8 I got to be on the radio there- they were set up at our hotels pool and I guess I begged them long enough and they let me be on their show

26. I have a travel shelf at my house and I always buy something little on each trip to add to my shelf

27. I have had 6 cars since I was 16

28. I have had 5 car wrecks since I was 16

29. only 2 were my fault

30. The two that were my fault guess who I hit both times!!! A COP CAR!! can you believe that!

31. I have been teaching for 3 years

32. I graduated from Lipscomb University with and Education degree and Psychology minor

33. I went Goodpasture Christian School from the second grade till I graduated

34. I was on the opening staff at the Rainforest Cafe here in Nashville

35. I worked at American Eagle Outfitters( all thru High School and college) this was my favorite job EVER

36. I have only been blogging for a few months

37. I follow about 20 other blogs, I check them all the time!

38. I LOVE my blackberry, i can Facebook and check blogs from it

39. I LOVVVVEEEEE celebrity gossip

40. I love Magazines- I have over 10 subscriptions to different magazines

41. I am named after my Granny and her Mom (We called her Ma-Ma)

42. When I was in High School my mom, Granny and I started the tradition to go on a little trip together-it started as us going to the beach but now we have been to Vegas, Charleston and I am hoping to get them to New York City as well as back to Disney World

43. I love my TV shows a few of my Favorites are Jon and Kate plus 8, Biggest Loser, American Idol, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice and Regis and Kelly

44. I love crafting!

45. I love making cards

46. I have just taken up painting but I need ALOT of practice

47. I love to shop but recently I have really been trying to save money but I cant miss a good SALE opportunity at Target, Marshalls or Home Goods

48. I love finding a good book and reading it and not being able to put it down

49. I had a horrible car accident in January 2003 I injured alot of things and my bladder will never be right from it-meaning I will have to take medicine the rest of my life

50. I have fallen out of the back of my dads truck twice in my life! Both times in the summer and both times at Fall Creek Falls at church camp- the first time I had no skin on either of my knees, elbows, nose or chin for about a month after and the second time it happen I broke my arm in 3 different places

51. When I was in the 6th grade I was in the hospital with Nephritis(my kidneys quit working)

52. Also in the 6th grade I had to have surgery on my mouth and after that I had braces for what seemed like 20 years

53. I have sailed underneath the Golden Gate Bridge on my dads sailboat -more than once

54. I have played 18 holes of golf one time in my life with my Pap-Paw the first and last time I will probably ever play golf

55. I played softball all thru Junior High and High School

56. I love electronics- I dont know why but I like getting all the new cool stuff

57. I have a pink laptop

58. I hate paying big bucks for gas!! It makes me crazy mad

59. I do not balance my checkbook- this drives my mom crazy

60. I am allergic to the BarBCutie and the spaghetti and Demos

61. My little brother won the state championship twice in football

62. My older brother played on the same basketball team with Ron Mercer in HS who went on to play for the Boston Celtics

63. My older brother is getting married May 2 2009

64. I do not handle stress very well- I am proud to say that I am better than I used to be

65. I absolutely can not not laugh when someone falls- I try to make sure they are ok before I laugh

66. I miss my Pap-Paw everyday- it was the saddest day of my life when he died

67. My hero is my Granny

68. I recycle

69. I like red Kitchen Aid stuff

70. I like the colors brown and blue, pink and brown and green and pink

71. I love anything and everything that has to do with Polka Dots

72. I am doing the Beth Moore study of Esther

73. I do not have a gallbladder

74. I love the authors Emily Giffin and Sophia Kinsella

75. I Twitter

76. I love going to Starbucks but MAN its expensive

77. I love baking and I am venturing into the world of making cupcakes

78. I have kept a journal since i was in the 7th grade

79. I love taking pictures and looking at old pictures

80. I miss the tv shows Friends and Sex in the City

81. I love anything with my initials on it

82. I love my little Yorkie Zoe

83. I miss my old Yorkie Ace-

84. My dad lives in Sacramento CA

85. I love Two Rivers Ford- best car dealership in Nashville

86. I love my Uncle Johnny he cracks me up!

87. I love taking my Mom on new adventures

88. I like all adventures me and Steph get into

89. I like setting goals for myself

90. I am proud of my little brother for starting his own business

91. I love the Fall

92. I HATE HATE HATE thunderstorms

93. I love candles

94. I love Bath and Body Works

95. I still cry when I watch Titanic, The Holiday and Family Stone

96. My Granny makes the best dressing at Thanksgiving

97. I love Diet Dr Pepper

98. I love Vera Bradley stuff

99. I have the best hairdresser ever! Brittany at Miracles in Hendersonville

100. Each Kid in my class makes me laugh at least once each day!!

I DID IT!! When I get to my 200th blog I promise I wont do this again! I hope you enjoyed some serious RANDOM facts about me!!! Thank you for reading my blog


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