Thursday, March 19, 2009


Happy Thursday everybody! Its been a crazy week around the school this week! I will definitly give more details about that later but here is a little hint, things always go wrong when there are fewer kids around, the boss is gone and there has been a recent holiday!

Its rest time here and I am sitting in my classroom while the lullaby tape is playing, its cloudy out and its chilly in here, its the perfect recipie for Miss Beth to take a nap too!!! I fiqured I need to stay awake so I thought I would blog.

I am so sadden by Natasha Richardson- it just really makes you stop and thank God for your life. You never know when something like that could happen. It was such a freak thing and my heart breaks for their family.

I signed up for another card swap so I am in the middle of making my first set of cards with the Birthday theme. I have to make 14 cards with each different theme! I think its so fun to make all the cards and then get to see everyone elses for ideas. I am also in the middle of 2 other painting prjoects and I will most definitly show pictures when everything is done.

We are getting closer and closer to the Wedding Day. I talked to Maren last night and it sounds like everyone is getting super excited and busy with all the last minute details!

Well this was a short and sweet blog but I am off to planning period!


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Yes so sad about her death...tragic..
Wedding bells will ring soon :)

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