Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Oh my goodness I am writing again on a Thursday, its been the only day this week that I havent had anything to do after work. Its been a busy week but I like when its like that because the week goes by super fast! This week at school we have been talking about Dr.Seuss(his 106th birthday was Monday) and I love it! I love The Cat in the Hat!!!! We told the kids that if they had any Dr.Seuss books at home they could bring them and let me tell you we have read what seems like a million books! Today I read Oh, the Places You'll Go! and half way thru it I had no idea what I was reading, none of it made a lick of sense! I looked down at the kids and they were as confused as I was but they were listening. I think that it is great that the Dr Seuss books are still popular and still kid favorites today!

My new goal is to focus more on the good things that the kids do and just try to let more of the bad behavior slide. Dont worry if a bathroom fight breaks out I will step in! I forget that they are just kids being kids! I also made the goal to hug them at least once a day! I know you are thinking thats no big deal but it really is! Sometimes the hugs we give them are the only hug they will get all day! I have to remind myself when a kid is acting out its more than likely just a way to get attention! I have one little friend in my class that is the true definition of a hand full! He knows how to push my buttons but he also knows how to melt my heart. Today he just had a bad day:not nice to his friends, not listening, kicking the table at lunch...(I could go on).I tried to let most of it slide and honestly I think he was confused by that because usually I am all over him reminding him to do the right thing! This afternoon I went up to him on the playground and gave him a big ole' hug and he said "Thank You" and I thought I dont want my class to thank me for hugs. I want them to know that I love them and that I want the best for them! I need to remember this blog when my boys go all crazy in the bathroom and I am about to loose it!! That brings me to talk about the bathrooms, this is a serious things for my class. The girls go to the bathroom and they sit there and talk, play in the water, look in the mirror but for the most part they are in and out! Now the boys on the other hand can single handily destroy the bathroom in less than 5 minutes! I dont get it!! They get in there and hang out, yell and carry on. I have gone in there and found soap all over the floor, mirror, dripping off the paper towel thing and even in their hair!! I am like how does all this mess happen in 2 minutes!! I have gone in there and seen them crawling all over the floors under the stalls, I have seen the urinal mat in someones mouth, a half a roll of toilet paper in the sink... I will spare all the details but the boys and the bathroom is a DANGEROUS mix!! Just wanted to give you glimpse into my day!!!

I have gotten a couple emails asking me about the cupcakes! We did the trial run and lets just say we learned alot and took notes on what we need to do differently! First we will not be making homemade cupcakes-we will use the box mix, we learned how much fun coloring to use, to use a decorating bag and to clean the dishes as we go! Here are a few pictures from the trial run! Tomorrow we will be doing the real deal!

Here is our help!! How stinking cute is he!

He literally ate that bowl of food in 30 seconds!

Here is a picture of my next project, can you guess what it is??

Well I am off to bed! I have a busy weekend too so I am sure I will have a big post for you on Sunday!


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