Monday, April 6, 2009

ACMs- I love me some Country Music

Hi Remember me! I have been missing from the blog world! I have 2 posts that have been half written but I havent finished them yet but I am hoping to post them tomorrow, I need to add some pictures to them.

The weather here in the good ole' Tennessee is CRAZY!! Yesterday it was 75 degrees and today it is snowy and 38 degrees. I cant stand it I can not wait for Spring, but I know sooner or later I will be complaining about it being to hot!

You all know that I watched the ACM's last night and I have to say that it was Fantastic!! I watched the whole thing without fast forwarding!

I am not a Carrie Underwood fan but I was glad to see her show some emotion last night! She was so geninuine about winning Entertainer of the Year!
I also liked her dress when she performed it was so over the top but I thought it was perfect for Vegas

I also really liked that Taylor Swift won! She was so excited it was cute...

I really love them together!!!


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How are you?

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