Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well did you think I was done blogging??? I have been so super duper busy! I have 2 blogs sitting in the draft box because I just never got a chance to sit down and finish them! I will give a run down(the short version) of everything that has been going on..

  • made 14 cards for the card swap-they were a birthday theme and I think they turned out super cute-Of course I would post a picture but I forgot to take one(of course)

  • My school is having a picnic(which means food has to be made, tables have to be decorated...) so I have been working on that(its tomorrow night and I hoping it goes great)-I will take pictures !

  • My brothers wedding is next Saturday in Charleston SC. I had some major bridesmaid dress drama! I ordered the dress in February and guess what it came last Wednesday(yes about 2 weeks before the wedding)! I took it straight to the alteration place and there was drama there too! I have the dress now and fits perfect- thank goodness since we are leaving on Monday

  • I have been to the doctor

  • I finally got my hair done- if you know you know I HATE having my roots show but I drew it out longer this time so that I get it done right before the trip

  • I am in the process of swapping out winter to summer clothes-that means I have to wash everything and iron

  • My favorite show The Deadlist Catch just started watching that again and lets face I am not missing that

  • My Moms neighborhood is having a neighborhood Garage Sale and I am in charge of that

  • We are working on our classes Mother Days gifts, working on the Art Show projects and can you believe this school year is almost over? It flew by!

  • I am trying to get everything packed and ready for the wedding but I have been so busy that I have just shoved all that in the corner and will have to deal with that this weekend

  • My friend Joni introduced to this book website that sells used books for super cheap and they have free shipping! Check it out

  • Someone hacked into my Twitter account and it took me 3 days to get that all worked out

  • I made that Amish friendship bread

  • Cleaning I like to get have everything cleaned and organized before I go out of town

  • I have been researching new cameras mine is acting up but it still works ok but doesnt keep a charge
  • Well these are a FEW of the things that has kept me from blogging! Be on the lookout for some pictures to come!

I signed up for these great little gift swaps and I got some great stuff from the both of my people! Look how stinking cute these are! Check out her blog and her etsy shop . Her stuff is so cute, go check it out!


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