Monday, April 13, 2009


I hope everyone had a great Easter! I basically just hung out on my three day weekend and got some things done! We had a great Easter dinner at Moms-her and Granny cooked a ham and all the other great fixings. We had our family friend Miss Helen over! She reads my blog so I have to send her a shout out!! She brought over a yummy pineapple casserole!

This is Granny, Miss Helen and Ryan(he is in his work shirt he doesn't always dress so bright)

Here is Mom working in the kitchen

Here is Miss Zoe, this is what she did during dinner

My older brother is getting married in 3 weeks!!!! We are all so excited and cant wait till we get there and relaxing in the beach house and just all being together for the wedding! Here are a few pictures of the wedding gifts- I am making cd's for them to pass out to all there wedding gifts. They picked out their favorite songs and I put them together for a fun cd!!

Sorry the pictures aren't great, I am having some issues with my camera. It is not holding a charge and the flash is acting all weird. I think it has been dropped to many times! I am looking for a new one, I am just trying to find the right deal!

I have to give a shout to the guys at Two Rivers Ford! They got me in and out today in 20 minutes! Thanks Guys


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