Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday... Sort Of

What a day it has been! It was supposed to be day of cleaning, organizing, running errands and getting things done(or a day of nothing)! Mom and Granny went to run errands and I was in charge of of checking in on the big Zoe! That 3lbs. dog has single handily managed to kill the neighbors new little bush they planted, she runs straight over there pounces on it and then bites at it and then pees on it. I never remember to take her out on the other side of the yard, oh well the plants already dead!

ANYWAYS(I just got off track) I went over and took her out and played with her and made a piece of toast(mom has the good cracker barrel bread) and turned on the tv. All the channels have the weather on (always a bad sign) there is a long line of storms heading straight for Nashville. I wasnt to terribly concerned , I mean Lisa Patton wasn't on channel 2 yet so I knew it wasnt so bad. I called Mom and let her know it was coming and texting Ryan and told him, I thought he was here in town working. I look at a magazine and kinda keep up with the weather and then Mom calls and tells me Ryan is at MTSU in class. Well then everything goes crazy, I turn up the volume and there was Lisa Patton so I knew it was time to get serious! The more I watch the more I realize Murfreesboro is about to get pounded!! I am texting Ryan non stop(with no answer of course) and calling Mom to get go home NOW all the while Zoe is snoozing! Mom gets home, Ryan texts me back and Zoe still sleeps. Murfreesboro is devastating it so so sad, I hope everyone says a little pray for those people there. Ryan was fine(thank God) he had to go to the basement of one of the buildings on campus for about an hour and his apartment was ok as well.

Here are some pictures and it so devastating... These tornado's ran straight through some very populated neighborhoods.


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