Thursday, May 7, 2009

Are you still out there....

Oh my goodness I am falling off the blogging wagon!!I have been super duper busy the last couple of weeks! I will be posting some wedding pictures soon! It has taken me a few days to recoup from all the wedding madness and traveling. I like being in a routine so I am glad to get back to work and getting back on schedule. I cant lie I missed my short friends but after 3 days back I ready for another vacation!

So I need to get some towels folded and finish up my Mothers Day gifts! But I want to make a few comments on some things8(Nope they arent important but they are on my mind...)

  • Jon Gosslin from Jon and Kate plus 8 makes me sick!! What in the world is he doing??? I dont like Kate and I know she treats him bad but I want to say JON GROW UP!!!! I dont care how anyone treats someone you DO NOT CHEAT!!! This leads me to my next comment...
  • Divorce is AWFUL! I dont like it nothing good comes from it! All it does is give someone an easy out. I hate affairs and I think it takes a weak person to take let their life get so out of control that they can destroy a person and family. My bottom line is "Without family there is nothing"!
  • Today is National Pray Day-I challenge you all to Pray today!
  • This weekend is Mothers Day. Honor your Mom-try to imagine just half the things your Mom does for you!
  • Greys Anatomy final is next week and that makes me sad( at this points this shouldn't surprise me)
  • The check out line at my local Hobby Lobby makes me crazy mad- there is always line and there is always only one person that is checking people out!

Is that random enough for you :)

Be on the look out for wedding pictures and a run down of the trip!!


LJ said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love your randomness!! You are too funny! I hope we can get together soon! Maybe I just need to come up and have a girl's night with you! Anyways, miss you friend!

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