Sunday, May 31, 2009

A few of my favorite plus a little more...

I finally have proof that other people read my blog! I got an email from a lady who lives in Chicago that asked me how my New Years Resolutions were going, she said she was just wondering because I havent talked about them in awhile. So of course I had to ask how she found my blog and she said that she was searching about Yorkie puppies(one of my labels is Yorkies) and it came up so she decided to read it! At first I was thinking "How Weird" but I realized one of the reasons I blog is so I can look back and read it myself as well as to let other people read about my OH SO interesting laugh(said with sarcasm)! By the way I havent written about my New Years Resolution because there is nothing to write about! Now that it has been brought to my attention I will start working on my Resolutions(I can at least try,right)!

My friend Jayne posted a Favorite things post and I loved it. I havent done one of these post in forever so I thought I would do one today, thanks for motivating me Jayne!

The past two Sundays Steph and I have been going to paint pottery and it has been so fun! You go and pick out what you want to paint and then you paint it and then they will fire it and glaze it and then you can go pick it up! Last Sunday this is what I made...

I love the cupcake! It is a spoon rest for the stove and I think it turned out cute! Today I painted a chip and dip plate-if it turns out cute I will post a picture!

I have mentioned in the past thatI hate ironing but it has to be done! I steam most everything but the few items I iron I always you Magic Sizing, it makes ironing so much easier!

I love Sweet Tea but I have just never been able to make it good! I discovered Milos Sweet tea at Krogers and it is so good and its made with Splenda so its calorie free

I have this huge King size fleece blanket and I LOVE IT! I use it as a pillow everynight! It is so soft!! You can get it at Target and it goes on sale all the time

I love St Ives exfoliate! The apricot one, it is perfect to use on your face and anywhere else.

Well this is my super random list of my favorite things!


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