Thursday, May 14, 2009


YAWN.... I realize at this exact moment I am getting old! It is Saturday night and I am sitting at home blogging! LOL-

Back in the day I was all about meeting up with friends and going out for drinks and dinner and a night on the town! I guess I am having a hard time growing up! I would much rather go to dinner and be home in bed by 11(I mean lets be honest I would like to be in my jammies by 9)!

I have been 100mph for the last 3 weeks! I had weddings, school programs, garage sales, doctor appointments, Mothers Day dinners, cleaning out the garage, car repairs, McClintock Landscapes books, card making... and its official that I am 2 weeks behind in laundry and ironing!!!

Oh goodness I am ready for summer! I am ready for things to slow down, I am ready for the sunshine and the heat(minus the humidity), I am ready for long days! My summer goal is to get my apartment completely clean and organized. I want to downsize, clean, organize, donate stuff... I am planning on doing it room by room so be on the look out for some good deals on Craigslist.

I am helping my brother out with his business( McClintock Landscapes) with doing his books and keeping him organized. But I do have to say he is doing a great job on his own! I love my little brother to death! He is smart, handy, a super super hard worker and he is so talented! He does amazing work and I am so proud of him for putting himself out there to start his own business and making it a huge success!

I titled the blog Joy for a few reasons but the main one is because they talked about it a lot on Greys Anatomy and it made me think about what Joy really is. I hate when people do this but the definition of Joy is "the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation". I think I truly spend to much time on the search of Joy and the actual word but when I stop and think about it I do have Joy! I have an awesome family, great friends, a job I love and roof on my head!

Well is this blog random or what? I should have named this blog The Random Thought of Beth!


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