Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shaking it up...

I once said "I cant wait to be out of High School and go to College"! I thought THEN that my High School years were just oh so terrible. I thought the school work was dumb, I thought that working my part time job was just so silly, I thought my life was ending because my Mom made me go to all my brothers basketball and football games, I mean I just knew I might die if my Mom didnt buy me those new American Eagle jeans, I thought it was crazy that my parents made me be home at a certain time and I just thought it was terrible that I had to go to bed early and couldnt talk on the phone all night! I also once said "I cant wait to graduate College, I cant wait to be on my own and have a real job"! I quickly learned in college that credit cards are the real deal, you actually need to study and follow the syllabus( Ididnt even know what that was until college), I learned nothing good happens after midnight and I learn that I was tried of studying and being in school!

So the time came for me to graduate from Lipscomb and let me tell you it came and went just like that! I thought "Man I feel like I have been in school forever and I graduate in one afternoon and thats it"-I took me 5 years to get graduation and it was all over in 2 hours! I was so excited to be done but I look back now and laugh about how naive I was!

The whole looking back at my life made me wonder in a few years will I look back and say I missed this time in my life? I have said that I love my routine life and I do love my job but I miss the adventure! I think I have always thought after college life is just great, no worries,freedom... Wow I have obviously been wrong about that thought! I think i am just unsettled right now and while typing this I realize nobody can shake up my life bu ME!

I know this is kind of a weird blog but arent blogs for writing about whats your mind?


Cool Gal said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey, we're in the Koozie swap together. So excited to get to meet somone new. Your blog is fab.

I have a blog, too, but chose to take it private. If you want an invite, let me know.

Please send me your email so we can exchange addresses.

Fun, fun! :)


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