Monday, May 25, 2009


Well my 3 day weekend is over! Sad...

I have felt cruddy all weekend. I found out last week that my bladder is on the mend!! I actually get to cut back my medicine FINALLY! I was very excited with the news that I actually hugged my doctor. Friday night I wasnt feeling 100% and Saturday was the same but as the day went on my cough got a lot worse! So today I went to the doctor and I have acute bronchites-whatever that means! I think this is the only illness that I have never had before. Anyways she sends me home with medicine and cough syrup and tells me to drink drink drink! What a fun day...ha!

On Saturday I made an appointment at the Apple store to just talk about the iPhone. I am a HUGE blackberry fan but not a fan of Sprint. I spend more time dealing with the customer service of Sprint then I ever cared to. So I went to Apple store with A LOT of questions!! I have to tell you I have never dealt with customer service like I did that day. They were AWESOME! The guy helping me answered every question I had, he let me play around on his phone and was so super nice. So far I have really enjoyed it but it is different than the blackberry!

On Sunday me and my cough went to paint pottery and it was so fun! I painted a picture frame(polka dots of course) and a cupcake spoon rest for the stove. We pick it up next Sunday(they burn it and glaze it) and we have already decided we are going to paint again when go pick out other stuff.

You know that I would have to comment on the new Jon and Kate. It was painful to watch I could feel the tension through the Tv. The bottom line is if they wanted to fix their marriage they would stop, stop all the interviews, the show and focus on their family. But I dont see that happening Kate loves it she gets to travel and do all the fun stuff. Jon is just angry. I wonder if they never would have done the show if they would be happy?

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! I hope you took a minute took think about our soldiers and their families!


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