Monday, June 8, 2009

New York

Well I am about 99.9% back to normal, I feel like I need another goodnight sleep. I am a little nervous because a month ago I got two thumbs up with my bladder and we are slowing down on the meds and I was so SUPER excited! Well when I was sick I was informed that I had a bladder infection(ARE YOU KIDDING ME)!! Well I am going to the urologist this week to see whats going on, pray pray pray that it is ok!

So I have a weird story. Today that maintenance man had to come to my apartment and look at the water heater, Let me tell you he had B O!! It was unreal he was aware of it he apologized for it which lead me to say "Hey its ok"!! Its NOT OK you stink buddy and now my hallway and bathroom smells like it!! GAG!!! There was some serious cleaning done when he left and candles burning. YUCK!

I was talking to my dad yesterday and of course I was complaining to him about something I am sure! I was telling him that I would move to New York in a flying heartbeat! I would love to move there for a year! I know that I have this cushioned dream of life there(I know we cant all live like Carrie Bradshaw but I can sure try) but I think it could be doable(is that a word)! I would love to have a little apartment, a good job, steady money coming in and just the whole city to explore! I love it there I always have and maybe one day I will just pack up and go!!

Here is my latest pottery creation- its a chip and dip holder-its not my favorite but its pretty cute!

Steph made a little treat jar for her dog Wilbur and it turned out super cute!!

Next week my two favorite shows collide Jon and Kate and the OCC!! Yay(again I know I am a dork)


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