Monday, June 22, 2009


Well I know you didnt think that I wasnt going to write about Jon and Kate RIGHT??? I am sitting here right now and watching the show and I am watching 2 adults hash out there bad marriage on tv. Everything I have read blames him and you all know how I feel about cheating! If she is really that bad he should have left her, look at what his kids are going to see one day when they realize their childhood is all on video.
They are honestly sitting here talking about how bad things are and how they want to do whats best for the kids. Well one day the kids are going to be able to google there parents and they are going to find pictures of their dad running around town with some girl and they are going to find video of their mom screaming at their dad, is that the best thing for their kids? I see them worrying about just them self! Well wake-up and realize that divorce is no walk in the park for those kids. I know that we only see them on TV and they only show us I am sure the really bad stuff. If they REALLY wanted to do whats best for those kids they would have stopped taping and figured this out themselves and not on national TV. They complain about the attention and the paparazzi but guess what YOU ARE THE ONES THAT PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE!!!! He keeps saying its life, no thats the problem with this world divorce is not life!!!
I dont feel sorry for them! I feel sorry for the kids.

This will be the last post about them! IF they continue to tape I will not watch this show.


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