Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We are digging to China!

Well I am blogging in the middle of the day! My class played outside for 2 straight hours today in the heat so they are all resting so nicely! I thought it would be totally inappropriate for me to lay down and take a nap so I thought I would blog and work on some McClintock Landscaping stuff for a bit.

We are settling in nicely here in NashVegas for a nice and toasty and HUMID summer! Its crazy! The last two days I swear it has been warmer when I leave for work than it has been in the middle of the afternoon! CRAZY...

I have been hitting up the gym again lately! I get into a good schedule and then something happens and I stop going but I am telling you I feel 100% better when I do go! I sleep better, I feel better and I think it puts me in a better mood! I have been going in the afternoons and its not as crowded, I think everyone is at the pool! Hopefully I will stick to this schedule!

I have been selling stuff like crazy on Craigslist lately and I love it!! I have paid way more than 1/2 my credit card bill off! I have been cleaning out my garage and I have so many clothes in crazy! If I haven't worn it,used it or even looked at it in a year than I am either selling it or donating it and let me tell you what it feels good to downsize! My neighbor actually hired me to sell some stuff for her and she has had great success, its a great way to downsize and make a some extra money!!

I have a funny but slightly strange kid story to share. Today on the playground one of my friends runs over to one of the other teachers crying (yes he didnt run over to me because I would have told him its no tattling Tuesday and to move on-no I am not mean but the tattling is overwhelming) Anyways he told her that Gigi wont stop digging to China -he was visibly upset by this and is scared. I call him over and he tells me the she wont stop digging to China and that China is all fired up! I am thinking he has been in the heat to long and starting to loose it a little bit but I can see he is very upset over this. He cant really tell me why he wants her to stop but he is saying that its a fired up in China and there is lava! I really did have to send him to the other side of the playground for him to calm down and get control! I explained that we dont have bulldozers on the playground and that we only have kid shovels so nobody is digging to China but could very well be digging for worms! Yup people this is why I get paid the big bucks to calm kids down because there friends are digging!!

This is what the sky looked like last night when I left JoAnns! Gorgeous...


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